Inventory Management

I developed this Inventory Management System web app for a Gold Canyon Consultant. They shared it with other consultants and I now have 4 consultants using it, with more plans to expand the user base in 2018.

Allows Consultants to track on hand inventory, manage pricing and streamline tax reporting.

App is designed with Responsive technologies for use on tablets.

App is built using Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap and a CI/CD pipeline with Heroku and CircleCI.

Below are a few screenshots of the basic areas of the app. A live demo link and user can be provided if desired.



The full inventory page, using the datatables plugin. Includes search, pagination and admin features.

Party View - For consultants to access inventory while hosting parties. Consultants can look through inventory on their iPad or laptop and not show sensitive pricing data.

Add new item page. Includes requirements for valid date entry.

Consultants can edit existing items and prices as needed.

When consultants need to update a price on many items at once, they can use the Price Adjuster module to do so.