iPad WebChess

I have taken an open source chess game for the web and modified it for use on an iPad. The original can be found at http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/webchess/index.php.  

I used to have this setup in 2001-2003 and enjoyed it very much with a few of my friends. I felt it needed to be brought into the future for use on iPads. 

Here is a short list of changes made and coming soon:

  • Layout was re-designed to bring it up to current iOS 7 design standards. 
  • UI was re-designed to be more iPad user friendly.   
  • All new, more visually appealing chess pieces designed for this version. 
  • Email notification when your opponent makes a move, and soon, iOS notifications. 
  • Added verification prompts (I.E. Are you sure you want to undo?). 

This is a great example of me taking a a site and updating it, making it look and work better, and more user friendly. 

Original WebChess login page.

Original WebChess gameplay screen.

iPad WebChess login screen.

iPad WebChess new user registration.

iPad WebChess active games table.

iPad WebChess update info page.

iPad WebChess gameplay page.

iPad WebChess gameplay page with game menu open.

iPad WebChess undo request on gameplay page.