Meet Nate:

Driven to succeed, to deliver, to build, to lead.

Passion to create, to design, to amaze, to dominate.

I love that my name is in the word dominate!

Nate is currently looking for opportunities to grow further as a Front-End Engineer or Web Application Developer. He loves and thrives on building ideas from the ground up, translating a client’s vision, managing a talented team and having a finished product that exceeds the client’s desires.

His current position as an Integration Specialist with Applied Systems involves mapping data from an Applied API to third party APIs. Tools used vary, but include JavaScript libraries and testing frameworks such as Mocha. He has sharpened many of his skills in this position including effective review of co-workers code, building robust tests for functions, and focus on writing simple and readable code.

Nate has also been able to update internal web apps to streamline Integration Specialist workflows, and improve overall user experience and product quality. In most cases, he has had to dig into the code and learn what was needed as the previous developer was no longer with the company. The apps utilize Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and AngularJS.

While working at MacPractice, he built a support team from the ground up, focused on project management for new client implementation and ongoing support. This team was responsible for assisting doctors in their transition to digital, paperless medical records. As of January 2013, he started designing and building a web app for billing clients for this work, as nothing existed. The app was built with additional focus on increasing productivity and streamlining the workflow of his team.

Prior to working at MacPractice, Nate worked as an Operations Manager at a recording studio in Southern California, sharpening his chops as a record producer and project manager, as well as his leadership abilities.

In 2006, Nate obtained his Associates degree in Audio Engineering, with honors, from The Art Institute of Seattle. He is currently enrolled in a MicroMasters Program for UX Research and Design at the University of Michigan, with hopes to complete the program in late 2018.

He currently resides in Ypsilanti, Michigan with his amazing wife, Jodie. In his spare time, Nate likes writing music, building model cars, watching football and looking for the next item to add to his Batman collection.